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Biosan II (AP439) is a proprietary anti-microbial decontaminant for use in heavy duty restoration situations where bacteria, viruses, spores, moulds and yeasts are prevalent because of flooding, body fluids or organic waste. The core biocidal activity in Biosan II is derived from a synergistic combination of two powerful biocides and specific potentiator chemistry which effectively destroys a wide range of micro-organisms, viruses, odour causing bacteria and mould. This powerful biocidal blend is carried rapidly and deeply into the affected area with a dynamic wetting agent which enables the biocide to penetrate substantially further into porous substrates, fabrics and fibres than traditional disinfectants. MOULD Recent innovations in Quaternary Ammonium Compounds make them among the most lethal mouldicides available. Biosan II combines this technology with potentiators and penetrants for unparalleled mould killing power. At a dilution of 1:16, Biosan II takes only 8 minutes to achieve a >4.5log reduction (kill) when tested against Aspergillus Brasiliensis. With a very favourable and economical RTU profile, Biosan II is a product of choice. Evaluation in accordance with BS EN 1650:2008 Micro-organism Dilution Time Condition Results Aspergillus Brasiliensis. 1:16 8 min 0.3% albumin >99.99% TRAUMA, BLACK WATER and DECONTAMINATION Biosan II not only rapidly penetrates the contact surface but has an extremely high tolerance of organic soil. This contributes to it’s incredible biocidal efficacy. In trauma, black water and other decontamination applications, Biosan II is a highly effective bactericide and surprisingly economical to use. At recommended dilution rates Biosan II is active against gram positive and negative bacteria, moulds, spores, enveloped and non-enveloped (lipid & non-lipid) viruses.

TGA Test : Hospital Grade Disinfectant Micro-organism Dilution Time Condition Resultant kill Staphylococcus Aureus (gram-positive) 1:32 8 min Dirty >99.999999% Escherichia Coli (gram-negative) 1:32 8 min Dirty >99.999999% Pseudomonas Aeruginosa (gram-negative) 1:32 8 min Dirty >99.999999% Proteus Vulgaris (gram-negative) 1:32 8 min Dirty >99.999999%